Thursday, May 13, 2021
Meet our dedicated

Experts Team

Mohamad Abbas

Business Development & Digital Marketing

I'm Mohamad. I'm a graphic designer and web designer from Syria, and the founder of MA Global Group Digital Marketing Agency in Istanbul. My inspiration comes from natural design and experimental design. I love creating new graphic layouts to provide my clients with an amazing visual experience and an intuitive user interface. I'm passionate about photography, travel and hiking.

Bochra Boudarka

Books & Photography

Hi there I’m Bochra! I live in London and am recently graduated from university, ready to embark on my teaching career. My passion in life is books. I also love visiting art galleries and enjoying new foods, things that I’ll definitely share with you all, alongside my relatively new interest in photography. In short, I’m a hopeless romantic who uses books as a form of escapism. I hope you enjoy my pieces!

Safiya Alaoui Mdaghri

Food & Diet

Hello there! Call me Sam. I will be your nutrition advisor and I will also be sharing with you many easy and healthy recipes. I believe that nutrition is the answer to all health problems. Traveling and Art have always been my passion. I love sketching! Actually, for me drawing is a therapy that adds a lot of flavor to my life. In brief, I’m just an optimistic human being who admires everything about life.

Ibrahim Alaoui Mdaghri

Classic Literature & Psychomotricity

Hi there, I am Ibrahim Alaoui M. You can call me IBO; latin for« to walk, to ride, to sail, and to fly... ». If I have to describe myself I’ll say this: « I am just a simple man, trying to make his way in the universe ». Like Gulliver I have an insatiable desire for seeing new lands, by travel and also by reading. I'm interested by philosophy, literature, psychology and music. I love to challenge myself , and I don’t claim knowledge. I’m here to learn.

Fatima Zahraa Alaoui

Self-improvement & Environment. Founder

Hello! I'm delighted to see you on our page. I'm the team's HR and self-improvement expert. I'm also passionate about History, Forest conservation and animal protection. Lately, I've been mostly focusing on building a platform for offering expert consulting services, along with creating real and useful content. I hope it would make all of us want to lead this world to a better and brighter future. Even just a little.