I have been reminiscing about how we spent our Eid these past few days.

In these exceptional times, we end up looking for pleasure in the smallest things we do at home. We find pleasure in what we proudly make as an Eid table, even though we won’t be able to share with many. So I thought; why not share it at least virtually here so that I’d remember to count our blessings in the years to come.

So, behold this sample of what a Moroccan table looks like in this time of the year.

pistachio, walnuts, dried figs almonds
First of all, among the things we can’t do without are nuts and dried fruits
And, of course, the dates!
Almond ghriba, Kaab Ghzal
The boomerang-shaped cookie is one of the most traditional in Morocco. We call it Kaab Ghzal.

Maybe it is worthy of saying that our traditional cookies always include a lot of ground almonds and orange flower essence.

This, bu the way, is what a Moroccan macaron looks like.
My first ever batch of baked low-carb donuts.

These might look weird, but the taste is very satisfying.

My homemade keto cookies

You’ll find the recipe for my shortbread cookies right here.

Moroccan crackers
We never forget the Moroccan crackers.
Let’s just call these flour-less “Energy bombs”
Almond butter chocolate cups
These were originally peanut butter cups, but I changed the recipe and used our Almond butter (Amlou) instead.
Finally, these bakery cookies every Moroccan table should include.

We accompany these with fresh mint green tea and filtered coffee.

In the hope of being able to share more beautiful and diversified Eid pictures next year, I wish a happy belated Eid to you all!



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