Zaynab, doctor of Bani Awd, or Zaynab Alshamiyya, was a very famous oculist (eye doctor) who lived in the beginning of the Umayyad period.

Her career coincided with the building of the first hospitals in the History of Islam. She was very knowledgeable in the field of medecine, and known among the Arab tribes for her brilliance in treating eyes diseases using plant treatments and surgery.

She was considered to be the best oculist of her time thanks to her steady hands and her precision during surgeries. And she was also complimented for never letting a patient out of her sight unless she was certain they were fully recovered.

Her fame made that she became the only doctor the women of the Umayyad Palace would accept to consult.

To know more about Zaynab’s life, you can watch the following video which is an episode of a series I called Women in Islam.

All videos have English subtitles.



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