Al-Shifaa was the first woman market supervisor in Islam, and maybe in the entire History.

Her real name was Layla Bint Abdullah Bin Abdi Shams Aladawiyyah Alqurashiyyah.

She is considered to be the first woman teacher in Islam, and was among the very few who could read and write since before Islam.

She also was gifted in treating many skin diseases, either using plants or spells. Even though she decided to give up this profession when she became Muslim, being afraid it would be forbidden, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked her to resume her work, only replacing spells with verses of the Quran and Duas (supplications). He also asked her to teach other women to do the same.

Her most famous role in the Muslim society in Madinah was her becoming a Market Supervisor under the rule of Omar Ibn Alkhattab, and the reason behind that was her ethics, her knowledge and the fact that she was fearless and would always speak her mind when she saw something wrong.

This also resulted in her becoming the first woman political and economic counselor in Islam.

Learn more about this impressive woman from the following video.

English subtitles are available.

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