Act I:

Morning. In the dining room, Batman is sitting at the table while attentively reading the Gotham Times.

Alfred: Your coffee, sir.

Batman, mumbling: How stupid…this is crazy.

Alferd: Do I add 2 or 3 cubes of sugar? You should watch your weight now that you’ve been home for so long.

Batman: Just add 5 as always. I don’t care anymore… Just look at this (points at an article from the newspaper). They say that the bats are responsible for this virus. Even though the bats used to scare me, I don’t buy this nonsense. This is impossible, bats don’t do that. Can you imagine that even Jim Gordon, the police commissioner, won’t shake my hand anymore? The AUDACITY. 

Alfred, curling his mustache: you can’t blame him. You are the bat=man after all.

Batman, annoyed: But I don’t eat them! Now I have to sit all day at home because, according to Gordon, it is safer and so I don’t spread the virus. But I swear, this can’t be the bats.

Alfred: I heard the mayor, Aubrey James, suspecting R’as AL Ghul in his last speech.

B: I saw him die before my eyes… (continues to read) 13 deaths today.

A: Yes, it’s unfortunate. The virus keeps spreading, yesterday they …

B: Not that! Read this article. They say that 7 of them threw themselves from the Gotham Tower, 5 people from the 379th floor of the Wayne Enterprise building. And one man’s lifeless body was found next to the bridge of Aubarim. 

A: This is awful.

B: But why? we finally got rid of the villains around the city. I heard that even the Joker is seriously ill. 

A: I do not have an explanation. Maybe they couldn’t face it.

B: Face what?

(they both exchange confused looks.)

Act II:

Evening. It’s dark.

Batman Alone in his room: I can no longer endure this. This is unbearable! Two months of staying home doing nothing. If only I could take the bat-mobile for a ride, to breathe some fresh air. Just this once, I want to look at the sky, and see the Bat signal between the clouds. 

I can’t believe that I miss the Joker, the Penguin, Bane, Alfred Stryker, all the team. Cats usually repel me, but now I would gladly have a coffee with Catwoman. I would accept an invitation to a Villain party without hesitation.

(looking at the mirror)

I can’t look at myself.

I can’t sit alone. 

This is so uncomfortable. It’s painful.

(to his reflection)

Stop looking at me, stop! Am I going crazy? I am scared!

(starts sweating profusely) Why do I feel shaky? What’s this cold feeling inside my chest? It’s freezing cold. I want my pizza, I feel hungry.

Is this real?

Once a man with a big mustache* said “The worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself”. 

Is this real? 


Act III:

Night. Batman is sleeping.

In his dream:

His father, Thomas – or what he thought was his father-: Son, wake up, it’s time to break free. 

Batman: But father, how? Show me the way.

Thomas: Meet yourself, face to face, one to one, and try to find the missing bats…

Batman: The missing bats?

Thomas: Forget it. What I mean is you should learn to be alone. No Batman, no light, no mask, no illusions or lies. Just You. Your true self. That’s the only way to know your real value, either your pettiness or your grandeur. 

Poor son, lonely Bruce, you will have to find the way by yourself; you’ll have to “pass your seven devils”! That’s the path to true freedom. 

Okay, Son. Have to go.

Bruce: Father, wait!

Thomas: What now?

Bruce: I love your hairstyle. So cool!

Thomas: Thanks. Bye, son.

Bruce: Bye, Schopen…fa..father.

Act IV: 


(“Nice to Meet Me” playing in the background )

Batman echoing the song: 

And I feel like I’ve got a gun

Like I’ve been changed more ways than one

And this whole world has just begun

And it’s so nice to meet me

Alfred enters, smiling: Nice to meet you again… 

Batman: Nice to Meet Me.

Batman doing some strange dance moves, more like the lee Grossman’s last dance in Tropic Thunder. Alfred, classier, prefers the dance of The Little Swans.

The act ends with the dance. 

Act V: 

This is how Batman’s new long journey begins. He decides that instead of fighting the criminals of Gotham; he will need to fight his inner enemies first. No more running. He is devoted now to face himself, to find his true freedom.

“You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame: how could you become new, if you had not first become ashes?” (The man with the big mustache*).


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